Why I like attending Wedding Ceremony Rehearsals

. 2009-03-20
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I like attending wedding ceremony rehearsals. We at Colorblind Productions make every attempt, if the schedule permits, to attend ceremony rehearsals. Regardless of the fact that ceremonies themselves ultimately take on a similar flow, there are particular items that are different, and variables to take into account that attendance at a rehearsal allows for. Most especially when we are providing photography or videography services.

I attended a wedding rehearsal last night and have the luck of pictures since I had my camera handy. You can see the things I look out for and the. Taking these pictures and sharing them with our staff affords them the opportunity of seeing the space as well. It's win win all around.

But there are very specific reasons I love attending rehearsals, especially in spaces I've not been to in the past.

  1. Meeting the Bridal Party. Getting to see the important people of the wedding and know who they are is a great advantage.
  2. Knowing the logistics of the space. Tiled floors, marble, carpet. Each of these variables can impact the way your camera rolls, what shoes you really should consider wearing, etc. How's the lighting? What are the acoustics? How much space do I have to move around?what kind of interesting shots can be taken? For example. yesterday I found myself in a small walkway alongside the church thinking how interesting a space it would be for a picture.
  3. Meeting the officiant. This is especially important in religious institutions. Some priests are far more liberal and lenient then others. Some have rules and expectations. It is best to know before arrival what to expect. You can also ask poignant questions, such as is there a ceremony or mass before or after yours, can pictures be taken in the church following the ceremony, and most importantly, whether or not flash or lighting could be used.
Overall you can't go wrong with attending the rehearsal. And if the schedule permits, we usually do attend.