Trying on wedding dresses at Exquisite Bride in Millburn, NJ

. 2009-09-18
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When I was getting married I knew I’d have my dress custom made. I had the person who would do it, the idea of the dress in my head and so when it came time I just went to Jose Manuel at Victorian Bridals in Astoria, NY and he made my masterpiece. I’ve never regretted that decision.

I did, though, regret that I never got to partake in the whole bridal gown shopping experience. I’ve heard the stories, lived vicariously through Say Yes to the Dress, got a taste of it when modeling for wedding gown designer Karin Yngvesdotter and even contemplated the idea that I should just go out one day and play a bride to be shopping for a gown even though I’ve been married for almost 8 years. So when we provided the music for the the Budget Wedding Planning Event & Sample Gown Sale at Exquisite Bride in Millburn, I got my first and only real taste at the wedding gown shopping experience. No, I did not try on any dresses, but I did get to watch brides to be experience this. What was best was that 2 of them were clients of mine. It was a very personal look into what they would look like when I see them on their wedding day and it made me downright giddy.

So although I was there to tout the fabulousness that I think Colorblind Productions is, I could not help but peek into fittings, give ideas on bustling, fawn over fabrics and designs and explain the importance of such variables for the day of. I mean I’m the queen of making bustles when they fall at events and wrote a blog post about recommendations for them so I had plenty of advice to impart on dress functionality at the reception. And I am nothing but honest and will give my opinion when asked. And I ended up being asked by ladies that weren’t even my clients. It was so much fun! Rob, of course, laughed at me. He joked that maybe I should consider bridal gown sales. Honestly, I’d probably enjoy it!

What this experience also afforded me was to observe Exquisite Bride from a client perspective. I’ve been in bridal salons before (as a bridesmaid) and have had different experiences at them. I have to say the aesthetic of Exquisite Bridal instantaneously makes you feel at ease. It is a beautifully designed facility with a great color combination, comfortable accommodations and so open and airy that it leaves you feeling as if, you’re in a spa of sorts. It just feels very Zen. Veronica Castro, Remy Quinones and the staff are nothing short of amazing, with their warm smiles, calm demeanor and stress free attitudes. They’re bilingual too! The comfort level they afford their clients is something that I value and appreciate. Yes, its wedding gown sales but it doesn’t leave you with a feeling of being sold. They seem to subscribe to a similar ideal as we do, let the product make the sale and reinforce it. They do an amazing job at that. They have a great bridesmaid, lingerie and accessories line too. I look forward to participating in more of their events.