Step away from the computer screen. You can't see it anyway.

. 2009-06-04
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Never underestimate the importance of your eyesight. For the first time in my {Dianne} life I'm suffering from a severe case of allergies. I've never had them before. And what is it doing to me? It is screwing with my eyesight. How so? Well the medication that alleviates the allergies manage to dry out my eyes, the drying of my eyes led to irritation of my eyelids. This in turn led to an infection of some sort which in turn led to blurring of my eyesight.

For the last 3 days I've religiously put in steroid and antibiotic drops and today is the first day which I an see semi normally. I wear glasses as is and you know it's bad when with or without them I could see just about equally. So I've been away from my computer screen as much as possible (which is painfully hard for me to do)

So just a personal update on why I haven't posted everything I said I was going to.