Streamlining blog posts, new awards & increasing our online presence

. 2009-04-22
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As my previous post specified, wedding season is officially in effect. If I had a hard time securing time to blog before, it will only get worse now. But I’ll be honest here - the only reason I don’t blog more often is laziness. There are days when I’m overpowered with ambition and determination. These are the days that the blog features posts of past weddings and great tips and ideas. And then there are days where I can’t put together a cohesive sentence. I get a form of writer’s block that leaves me unable to really adequately express what I want. Finally, there are days when I am just frustrated with myself and in an effort to drop one thing in my “to do list” I drop the blog post.

I really want to be far more consistent in posting here because, I have a lot of ideas, pictures and content I want to share. There is so much brimming and boiling over that I’m overwhelmed with what I should post when. So to streamline the process I think I’m going to be more consistent with my blog topics throughout the week.

  • Monday – Real Weddings & Events. See pictures, ideas and details of Weddings, Sweet 16’s, Quinceneras and more that Colorblind Productions has the pleasure of providing services for.

  • Tuesday – Thrifty Tuesdays. Ways to make your wedding & event financially feasible. Beauty, elegance and style can be had without breaking your budget.

  • Wednesday - The Event You Imagined. Every event has details that are unique, that showcase the style and individual ideas of the host(s). Be they colors, designs, or unique items, these small details can make a big impact. So we share inspiration boards, ideas and details that not only our clients have used, but that we’ve found around the web and through our networked vendors and bloggers to inspire!

  • Thursday - Turn Up The Music. A closer look at music for weddings & events: Ideas of songs to use for special portions of your day, expanded views of music and music styles to please the varied tastes and genres of our clients and their friends and families as well as others. We will provide descriptions of cultural music, dances and their significances given our expertise in Latin, Portuguese and multicultural weddings. Music can be so much more then just in the background.

  • Friday, Saturday & Sunday Open. Because these are the dates of most of our events there might be no post at all.

  • We might even find that we will post more then once a day. WOW! Can you imagine?

We received the following in the mail and want to thank all of you who have provided such great reviews of Colorblind Productions. We have made the BEST OF 2008 for Project Wedding!!!

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