Wedding season has begun!

. 2009-04-13
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The end of March brought upon us the season opener to wedding season and now that we are in April, its no holds barred. Things get busy and I have to really become a bit more dedicated in getting here and posting more often. Its not that I don't have 101 things to say. It's more where in the span of time that is the days and nights I can manage time to do all these things. And so I'm going to try my best to get up and post more often.

With that said, I am going into this season with a new perspective. I read over the thank you notes and web referrals and I noticed a trend. I noticed how appreciative our clients were not only for our fabulous work as Rob is not only an amazing DJ but one who understands music and how it impacts an event. How to start it off so that all the guests, their individual cultures and ages all get taken into account so that everyone appreciates the music and enjoys themselves. He knows how to culminate the event leaving you wanting more. But I digress. Beyond that fact I noticed the appreciation in our openness to assisting them in making the day what they wanted it to be. Going above and beyond their expectation level. And that is my new motto. To try to anticipate needs and go beyond expectations.

And my weddings have been examples to that. I have had caravans follow me from ceremonies to picture locations to the reception venue. GPS can only do so much. I've ironed dresses and hidden exposed undergarments. I've bustled dresses that had no bustles. I have translated Spanish to English and English to Portuguese. And at nights end, I have left more invigorated then ever to the hugs of my clients and their smiles.

So stay tuned as I've already taken pictures and will share them shortly. It's already panning out to be a visually beautiful year of amazing locations, fabulous couples and unique ideas.