The Wedding Salon at the Roosevelt Hotel

. 2009-03-26
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I love the Roosevelt Hotel. No, I've never stayed there. Actually, until this event I've never even been inside. But I'll tell you why I love it. 2 years ago a friend from out of town had plans to meet me at the clock in Grand Central Station. Pressed for time, I ended up driving into the city and of course got stuck in traffic. Said friend had no cell phone. I was late and you know how likely finding a place to park in the middle of the day on a weekday by Grand Central Station is? Yeah - not likely at all. So I pulled up to the Roosevelt Hotel and asked the doorman there for advice on a parking location. I blabbed out the reason for my situation and asked him if he knew anywhere I could put my car for the 15 minutes max it would take me to meet my friend that wouldn't cost me $50. And what that wonderful man said was my salvation, "Leave it here. I'll watch it and make sure that the cops don't ticket it." And that's what I did. I left it in front of the Roosevelt hotel, grabbed my friend and ran back up in less then 5 minutes. My car remained there. Ticket-less. I gave him the $25 in my pocket for it.

But I digress. Customer service kudos to the Roosevelt Hotel aside, I found myself in front of it at 6:15pm on Monday for The Wedding Salon Event. I attended the Wedding Salon event in October which was beautiful (if unbelievably warm) and obviously missed the after work crowd at that event as this go around, I found myself around the corner on a line that snaked up the street, in the side door, up 2 flights of stairs and over the main room JUST to get to the registration tables. I stood behind 2 wedding planners form Connecticut and in front of a bride to be and her friend with the most odd story of the guy she's seeing and his psycho ex-fiance with whom he bought a house with while engaged to yet another man. ODD. It served as a great distraction from the line I was standing on. To the Wedding Salon's credit, it did move fairly quickly. But by the time I reached the registration desks I was already sweltering under my plaid wool coat. I skipped the coat check because of the number of people there but waved at the living plant feeling sorry for how hot he must be and began my walk around.

The sheer number of people there made it difficult to really talk to much of anyone, let alone make your way through the packed rooms and narrow, cramped and congested balcony space. I never made it into the Victoria's Secret Lounge and curse myself for it as I heard that was where David Tutera's company was. I marvel that I stayed there for an hour as the conditions could only be correctly labeled as sweltering. Even then, though, it is always a good event to attend. I especially love going to see the tablescapes. My favorite being the design by Flowers by Topaz, but I'll let you be your own personal judge.

Of course, one of the highlights to the Wedding Salon are the cakes, or better said, the tasting of them. Sylvia Weinstock was there yet again, and I thought it particularly endearing to see her handing out cakes to passerbys.

I must though take the time out to say that Make My Cake II was by far my favorite cake there. Absolutely scrumptious. I went back much to my embarrassment - 3 times. Absolutely delicious.

And of course among the tastings is the beauty of the cakes and cupcake tiers displayed

Visiting the vendors at took a back seat this go around because, like I said, the number of people and the heat of the venue. But I have to give a shout out to Joseph Edwards (wedding filmmaker) for remembering me from the last show (I told you, you are still on my roster ;) ) I also got to speak with Allison from Style made Simple with whom I really clicked with and who I can imagine is the perfect wedding dress concierge and stylist.

I was to meet up with the photographer from Jason Groupp there but was just too hot and left shortly after walking down the block with my jacket still flung over my arm trying to cool down. I would have stayed longer and talked more had the location turned on the air conditioning. But maybe that was the whole point.


Brenda's Wedding Blog said...

Thank you for letting me attend the NY Wedding Salon vicariously thru your review. The photos you took of the displays are amazing.