Thrifty Tuesday - Ixnay on the Wedding talk

. 2009-03-24
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I was browsing blogs the other day and I ran into a piece of advice I have heard before in reference to disc jockey's especially. This grand piece of advice...

"don't tell them your event is a wedding. Get pricing for a non wedding event as it will be cheaper"
This always befuddled me. Yes, I agree, it will be cheaper. No question. But there's 2 things that I don't understand about this. First, how can anyone hire someone to DJ their wedding under the impression that its not a wedding. It's just almost impossible if not entirely inappropriate. Second, how is it hard to comprehend the reasoning for the additional cost. A wedding is far more involved then a regular party. There are music needs, MC'ing needs, expectations to be accomplished. It is a different animal all together. But that's a post that needs to be made onto itself.

I'm here to tell you that the advice isn't necessarily wrong. Now I'm not telling you all to go out there and lie to your vendors. Nope. I'm looking at the same phrase and using the words a bit differently. Get pricing at non wedding related places and it will be cheaper. For example. I love Costco and how many of you know that they have a great floral department. Not only for buying in bulk for you do it yourself-ers BUT they actually have a wedding floral division that can get you bouquets and boutonnieres for less then $500. Most times that's the cost of the bridal bouquet alone! They even do centerpieces.

And beyond that they actually do invitations, jewelry, honeymoons and photos. Check out the Costco wedding page. The only catch? you have to pick them up yourself. But you know, I've seen Costco bouquets and they really are beautiful. And it goes beyond Costco. Some ShopRites and other supermarkets do wedding cakes. I know as I picked a beautiful and delicious wedding cake up myself for a wedding last fall and transported it to the wedding location. So think outside the box, away from the wedding advertisers and you're bound to find a great deal.