Whose Wedding is it Anyway?

. 2008-07-23
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On the 4th of July we may have not watched the fireworks on the east river but we watched a different set of fireworks in the commitment ceremony/wedding for Regina and Yezenia. It was a fabulous wedding with it's own paparazzi as it will be showcased in the fall for Style Network's Whose Wedding is it Anyway.

We had the pleasure of again, working with the band Ray Rodriguez and Swing Sabroso and balancing between them and all the other surprises and activities throughout the night as they not only had the band and us as the DJ, but a full Viennese set up, a sparkler lighting and a surprise Mariachi! Talk about a full schedule!

But it all worked out smoothly and without a hitch. I love working with the maître d' Richard at Mayfair Farms as he is always very on top of everything and very gracious with giving us heads up one when things happen. We get along wonderfully. And what a great crowd of guests. The likelihood of seeing Rob or I in the background shots or any mention of Colorblind Productions on Whose Wedding is it Anyway is probably ridiculously low. They generally don't focus on vendors unless there's drama and with us the level of drama is low. The show focus overall is about the planner who in this case was Jenny Orsini.

The tiffany blue embodied much of the decor. From the photo table cards to the menu cards and programs, to the napkins and the cake, and the decorative up-lighting and the bridal party dresses. Tiffany blue was the color of the night.


Sally-Anne said...

This looks like a beautiful wedding!

Adriana.Silva120 said...

OmG! I have become obsessed with this show lately and an going to hire either Jenny or Samantha Goldberg to plan my wedding. Its so funny that it actually showed up on your blog, lol.

Leesa1010 said...

Beautiful wedding! How exciting, even if you don't make the show it must have been fun to be apart of. BTW...I called Rob to schedule the meeting before my Oct wedding. It is coming up too fast. I will be in NJ 9/25 - hope to meet you!!

LaFlacaD aka Dianne said...

I think it's totally natural to obsess over that show - especially when you're getting married or in the wedding market. I do get annoyed at it many times and find myself screaming at the screen at the planners for their blunders or about some of the 'advice' given. But I'm very particular about weddings as I do coordination myself.

And it is reality t.v. which of course means it's not entirely 'real.' I should try to get on the show myself for the advertising if anything else. LOL.

Lisa - I sent you an e-mail. Can't wait to meet you.