Band or DJ?? How about both?

. 2008-07-01
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I constantly read the arguments pressed on multiple wedding sites as to what is better – a band or a dj? Live music vs. actual artists is always in debate. Great bands can pull off most music genres. Some bands cater more to some music then another. What if you want a band feel for some section but a dj feel for a more club like atmosphere or to use actual artists rather then live. You really can have both.

There are many bands that work with dj’s and offer a package deal. We have a relationship with a Greek band out of Queens (Astoria of course!) as well as a Portuguese band where they do the ethnic music and we in turn take care of the other musical selection. We have also worked with other bands in the past on the fly as the bride and groom hired us both separately. Typically they dictate the % of time each group plays so that the bands breaks equal the dj’s playing time.

Here’s Rob alongside a Macedonian band. Note the small set up.

We also work with the band to hook up our sound system to theirs or vice versa. No point in having a bunch of speakers to run throughout.

This wedding was ½ Macedonian, ½ Filipino. So the Macedonian band played it’s part

And we in turn took care of the line dances (Todo Todo) and general frivolity of the party. And what a great party it was!

We’ve worked with Salsa and Merengue bands, Cuban Son bands, Louisiana Cajun & Zydeco bands, Portuguese bands, Macedonian bands, Mariachi’s, Arabic bands, Greek bands, Bluegrass bands, etc.

And the plus point to this all at least when it comes to the bride & groom is that the dj portion comes at a reduced rate (don't we always like to hear a discount applied??) because the dj does not perform the entire time. We actually are going to be performing with a band this coming Friday – July 4th.

So yes, you can have your cake and eat it to when it comes to bands and dj's and no, you don't need to hire a band that works alongside a dj, it's entirely possible to make it work and hire them independently. Who is better? The answer really is no one is. Each has their own feel, their own vibe. Each does their job to entertain your guests and ensure the music gets them moving. So if you want it, and if your budget affords it, have both.