I want a different. Something no one else has used. Parent Dances & Song Suggestions

. 2009-02-06
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I hear this statement often. The need for something different is especially strong in brides and grooms who find themselves surrounded by other people who are both getting married and attending weddings. The distinction of being innovative and unique seems, at times, elusive in the rather, ceremonial and structured way that weddings seem to function. IT IS possible, and it’s in the details that it does become possible. And I’m not talking about the centerpieces, or the custom aisle runners. I’m talking about the simplicity of the one thing that rings throughout the entire reception. The Music.

Now, I’m not saying using commonly used songs for your wedding is a faux pas. Not in the least. If you love Because You Loved Me by Celine Dion and it is the only song you could have imagined dancing with your father to on that day, then by all means USE IT. It is after all your day. But to all those out there who find themselves struggling to figure out what song to dance with your parents or even what songs you want to dance with each other, I invite you to open your ears to the music that surrounds you on a daily basis, songs you haven’t heard for a long time and those that aren’t on the ‘top father daughter dance songs’ lists. Move to songs that have a meaning to you and the person whom you are dancing with regardless of the lyrics. Better yet, ask your DJ.

I will admit to this being a particular issue with me. I have a personal mission to find songs that would be appropriate for parent’s dances, first dances, cake cutting, sibling dances, garter/bouquet, last dances and even slide show presentations. And I have them in multiple languages. I compile them, e-mail them to myself and even leave myself voicemails of the song recording from my cell phone against the speaker of my car radio. Much to Rob’s dismay I compile them all in a list. He tells me I need to streamline my lists, that people don’t want a suggestion list that’s 2 columns wide and 2 pages long for one small fraction of time of the reception. I on the other hand, think options are necessary. I love when I see people run through my lists and say – “hey, this Elvis song might work. Mom loves Elvis.” It’s a song obscure enough that they didn’t even think of it but common enough to know it’s perfect. And beyond that….it’s different.

A friend of mine saw my lists and said it would be a great resource to brides if I publicize them. She especially was impressed with the number of Spanish father daughter, mother son songs we had. But publicizing them presented a quandary. This is my baby, a constant work in progress years in the making. Do I want to open it up for the world to see? It’s a resource I provide Colorblind Productions' clients. A service they receive as an addition to having us provide the music or the coordination for their events. So I opted against posting the entire list. I just couldn’t do it.

Yet I’ve decided, if you’re reading this and need a bit of help with a song, assistance is something I never mind giving.