Behind the 8 ball

. 2008-12-16
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There is a certain love we have in most of what we do at Colorblind Productions. We're so intricately entwined with our clients, our work and our lives that sometimes the separation between them all is nearly impossible. Its especially so when work resides with us, when the phone rings and we feel an obligation to depart from 'life' and pursue work. It is proof that we truly love what we do. Beyond that our clients become more then clients. They are people we want to hang out with and people we sometimes end up calling friends.

But having so much input in everything and being the catch all for every obligation comes with it's share of stresses. As the holiday season comes into play and everyone wants to share the memories of their wedding or celebrations with everyone else, it falls on us to try our hardest to get everyone their respective videos, pictures and general items. So we find ourselves, unfortunately, behind the 8 ball, working hard to get everyone their fair share of things and grateful for your patience. We are working dilligently and many times overnight to get everything hammered away and into your hands as soon as possible!


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