All weddings are beautiful…some have something special

. 2008-11-20
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I love most all the weddings I have the pleasure of being a part of. I really do see myself as lucky to be in attendance at weddings because it really is the embodiment of bliss. I love getting invitations to weddings and I have the joy of being paid to be in attendance at so many. And although they all have their singular similarities and intricate differences, emotionally they all have quite the range. And some are more emotionally entwined then others.

Not long ago, I had the distinct pleasure of being at a wedding where the emotional and dare I say spiritual pull was especially strong. A beautiful bride both in spirit and appearance,

a somewhat stoic groom who was endearing and deeply emotional,

a relationship that was years long and a wedding that culminated in a truly blessed event. The ceremony was endearing and the party was exciting. But beyond that these two were blessed. Not only with each other but also by the spirit of the family that could not be there. I haven’t cried so hard in a wedding in a while.

All was wonderful and at the reception, the groom was asked by his sister to dance with him in remembrance of their grandmother with whom he was extremely close and who had passed. He waffled on whether he really wanted to do it and then agreed. He turned to me and said – find me a song. His only direction was to find an older Puerto Rican bolero and he entrusted me with the task of finding it. He was sure whatever I picked would be good enough. I stood by the dj booth and scrolled through a huge collection of music that fell under that genre. If you know anything about this type of music, many of it relates to lost or unrequited love, so to find a appropriate song is none to easy. I came upon a rather old song that wasn’t all that popular but which with the words were perfectly suited and decided on that. I am convinced now that an angel was over my shoulder pointing me in the direction of that song.

Upon introducing the song the groom looks at me. And the stoic and strong man that I have been with all day was lost in emotion. The song I selected was the song his grandmother would sing. It was her favorite. Since her death he had been in search of the song and it so happened that it was the song with which I chose.

I cannot say enough about the perfection that was Tony & Lisa’s wedding. They truly love one another, they have amazing friends and family that surrounded them in love and their wedding exuded a happiness that I could only wish was the reality of everyone’s day. It was Perfection!


Leesa1010 said...

It meant so much to have you there. I cannot thank you enough. This blog is beautiful and so very sweet. Thanks so much!!

Anonymous said...

A great description of the wedding. Sounds like a wonderful time was had by all.