Architectual Love in Brooklyn's Smackmellon

. 2008-09-30
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I love Brooklyn. Actually I love the city but then again having been born and raised in Astoria, Queens that goes without saying. So I always jump at the chance to work in the city. Not that I don't love New Jersey. But the city generally offers the opportunity for interesting spaces both aesthetically and architecturally. So it was only appropriate that architects would pick the fabulous and eclectic art space that is SmackMellon. It is a raw space with huge windows overlooking the Manhattan Bridge.

Without a doubt, it is absolutely stunning. Being a raw space, though, it requires all variables to be brought into it. So I was excited when after meeting James & Vivian in the park in DUMBO they decided to use me as their coordinator. They had very particular designs of the space and even used Auto Cad to draw up seating plans and table decoration plans. With the assistance of their friends, Maggie (my assistant) and I took the raw space and made it a warm and beautiful wedding reception venue. And although there were a few hiccups along the way (lots of rain and a table and chair rental delivery that arrived 2 hours late) at the end of it all, it was absolute perfection.

The details of the day were exceptionally thought out. All the decor was bought and arranged by James, Vivian and their families. Including hand written table number/menu cards, the use of NY Skyline blocks as decoration, and individually selected wine (red and white) and Cava and Taiwan tea favors hanging from the seat backs.

I also had the opportunity of working with Jacob Pritchard of JP Wedding Photo which you can see me standing next to here as he took pictures.

He blogged about the wedding himself so please visit it to see more stunning pictures of the space and the event (and a smattering of pictures of me in the background!

But not only was the wedding itself beautiful by looks alone but also by the people in attendance. The absolute warmth and love that permeated is hard to describe. The toasts were endearing and to hear James who is clearly NOT Chinese speak perfect mandarin and give homage to Vivian's parents was heart warming. They truly evoked what marriage is about with their absolute adoration for one another. Not to mention how wonderful they looked. James in his bow tie and Vivian in her Vera Wang gown.

It was absolute bliss and I'm grateful to have been able to work for them and help to make it that way.


Half of the Style Sisters said...

Absolutely stunning the way you pulled this all together. You are very talented. Wow