iPod DJ or MP3 DJ for your wedding or event

. 2008-08-27
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I’ve read article after article about using your iPod or MP3 player in lieu of a DJ. Articles from brides & grooms and event planners about the merits of it. Articles from DJ’s and bands about the negatives of it. So here I sit, owner of a DJ company and I have to say I understand both sides of the coin. So much so that Rob and I have decided to bridge the gap between the negatives and positives and offer an iPod DJ Package.

From the DJ perspective…
Do I think the advent of people using their iPods and MP3 players will destroy the use of a Disc Jockey? Truthfully, no. Just like some people prefer a band over a DJ, this is adding an additional option to the mix. And yes, claims are valid on many of the complaints with using your iPod as a DJ. Dead air time between songs having an effect on a dancing scenario (most tracks have anywhere between 2 and 8 seconds of silence at the tail end of the song which sounds short but seems so much longer when the dance floor just comes to a stop). The fact that some songs are recorded at higher volumes then others. The necessity of having one body be in charge of the music and coordinate it rather then being a guest. These are all valid claims on the negative aspects of using this form of entertainment. But then there are the positives.

From a client perspective…
Lets be honest here: sometimes the budget does not allow for specialized services, sometimes the client has such a vast and eclectic collection of music as is, that they can in all honesty, compose their own soundtrack and sometimes, the event does not require an active vibe but does have a benefit to music being played. Not only have you saved money but you have customized your event even further. You just need to get yourself a viable sound system and a microphone either by rental or purchase and maybe a person who would be willing to set it up and coordinate it all that day. Overall this would be totally worth the negatives right?

Bridging the Gap…
Rob and I understand the plight of both sides more then I think most people know. Back in 2002 when we got married, one of the very reasons we picked the reception venue we did was because it came with a sound system. Instead of hiring a DJ or asking one of our friends to be the DJ at our wedding (which we did not want to do because we wanted our friends to not work and enjoy the event) Rob spent the day before pre-mixing the music in different CD sets. It worked out perfectly for us and because this is what we do for a living and because we have the access to equipment needed to do this we were able to pull it off. So I understand the allure of the MP3. It has made what was not easily accessible previously to people – accessible. It’s what we ourselves use for showers, picnics and 1st birthday parties. Music plays in the background without the need of someone handling it other then to ensure things pause, play and perform the way they need to.

Colorblind Productions has the equipment at hand to do this. Speakers and microphones and such. So now we want to provide that to people LOOKING for that in lieu of DJ services. Instead of buying an inexpensive sound system and having a friend man the music, we offer an iPod package. You provide the iPod/MP3 and we provide the sound system, the person to set up and man the music and make sure dead air is limited, music volumes are where they need to be and YOU and your guests get to enjoy the soundtrack you have put together for your event. Be it background music for your baby or bridal shower, or music for your wedding or birthday. No, it’s not a full scale DJ service, but it’s a need that we feel we can meet at a price that cannot be beat.